Zelda U Will Have Puzzle-Solving Elements Like Never Before – E3 2014

Zelda U E3 2014

Are you in love with traditional puzzle-solving elements found in nearly every game in the Zelda franchise? I hope I don’t speak for myself when I say that puzzles are one of the things that make Zelda—well, Zelda. It turns out that Eiji Aonuma of Nintendo (who just so happens to be boss of Zelda’s development) may have plans to flip the block-pushing timing-based addictive tidbits known as puzzles upside-down.

When asked what tradition he planned to change in Zelda for the Wii U, Aonuma said that he planned to turn puzzles on their ear.

“So you know we’ve talked a little bit today about the puzzle-solving element in Zelda, and how that’s kinda taken a different shape in Hyrule Warriors. But I think people have come to just assume that puzzle-solving will exist in a Zelda game, and I kinda wanna change that, maybe turn it on its ear.”

Aonuma said that making decisions on information already received within the story will reconstruct the way the puzzle-solving is dealt with in upcoming Zelda games:

“As a player progresses through any game, they’re making choices. They’re making hopefully logical choices to progress them in the game. And when I hear ‘puzzle solving’ I think of like moving blocks so that a door opens or something like that. But I feel like making those logical choices and taking information that you received previously and making decisions based on that can also be a sort of puzzle-solving. So I wanna kinda rethink or maybe reconstruct the idea of puzzle-solving within the Zelda universe.”

Do you think that a more story-based approach to solving puzzles will be taken in Zelda U? What do you think this could lead to? Predictions? I’d love to know! Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Source: Kotaku Via: My Nintendo News

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