Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Gets Season Pass DLC, A Series First

Nintendo has confirmed the presence of a Season Pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Both the Wii U and Switch versions will receive an Expansion Pass on March 3rd for $19.99 USD. The pass itself will be released in two phases, one in the summer and one in fall.

From March 3rd, players who purchase the pass will see 3 new treasure chests in the wild that contain “useful items” and a Nintendo Switch-branded shirt (even on Wii U). DLC Pack 1 holds additions from a New Hard Mode, the Cave of Trials challenge, and additional map features. In the fall, DLC Pack 2 will release new story content, a new dungeon, and even more challenges.

There will be no option to purchase either pack or the contents within separately, Nintendo also confirmed. This marks the first time a mainline Legend of Zelda game has been entrusted with such an industry standard practice as a season pass. Nintendo has been releasing downloadable content for their first party games since 2012, and this expansion pass for the story-driven Legend of Zelda continues the company’s experimentation with the business model.

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