YouTuber Angry Joe Gives Up Nintendo Coverage Over Copyright Claim

Earlier this year, Nintendo introduced a controversial shared revenue program for YouTube users covering Nintendo games. The Creators Program entitles Nintendo to a 40% cut of videos made for revenue, and they reserve the right to curate your videos, and they must be based on a white list of approved games. The rules are so arcane that one YouTube creator has had enough.

Joe Vargas, aka “Angry Joe” has seen a Mario Party 10 video, where he and some friends were enjoying the multiplayer mode, get flagged because of Nintendo’s IP controlled content. The video could remain up, but it is ineligible for earning revenue. With multiple copyright strikes, Joe Vargas could lose his YouTube account. In turn, Joe has announced he will no longer cover Nintendo games, as long as they lay claim to his videos.


He also released a video to elaborate on the company’s unfair policies:

Angry Joe is yet another prominent YouTube creator to disavow Nintendo coverage in wake of the revenue program. The famed PewDiePie spoke out earlier this year, saying that people came to his videos for him, not just the game, and that he would not cover Nintendo games as a result. How many more YouTubers will follow in the wake of these two auteurs?

Let us know how you feel about Angry Joe quitting on Nintendo games in the comments.

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