Your Guide to Nintendo’s Fall Line-Up (Updated)

In case you missed it, Nintendo unleashed the fury of their holiday line-up this morning. Amid a giant press release, it’s easy to get lost on which games are coming out when. Fortunately, Always Nintendo is here to help. Below are all the major games from Nintendo and third parties we have to look forward to for the rest of 2015.

  • This list has been updated as of September 18th to reflect the delay of Star Fox Zero. The long-awaited return of Star Fox will have to wait until spring 2016.
  • Edit, Sept. 29: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash now has a release date.
  • Edit, October 9th: Shovel Knight now has a November release date


Runbow Wii U

  • August 27th: Runbow (Wii U eShop, $14.99)


  • August 30th: Disney Infinity 3.0 (Wii U, $64.99)

  • September 11th: Super Mario Maker (Wii U, $59.99, also available in Wii U bundle for $299.99 including Mario amiibo and Ideas Book)
  • amiibo: Zero Suit Samus, Ganondorf, Dr. Mario (Target-exclusive), Bowser Jr., Olimar, 8-bit Classic Mario ($12.99 each)


  • September 20th: Skylanders Superchargers (Wii U, $74.99, includes exclusive Donkey Kong amiibo), Skylanders Superchargers Racing (Wii, $64.99, 3DS, $64.99, includes exclusive Bowser amiibo)


  • September 25th: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (3DS, $39.99, also available in retail bundle with amiibo card and NFC Reader for $49.99)
  • New Nintendo 3DS (bundle w/Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and amiibo card), $219.99
  • amiibo: ACHHD amiibo cards ($5.99/pack of 6), Retro 3-Pack (GameStop-exclusive, $34.99)


  • September 27th: LEGO Dimensions (Wii U, $99.99), additional Level, Team, and Fun Packs will retail for $29.99, $24.99, and $14.99


  • October 9th: Chibi Robo! Zip Dash (3DS, $29.99, also available in Chibi Robo amiibo bundle for $39.99)

Yoshi's Wooly World

  • October 16th: Yoshi’s Woolly World (Wii U, $49.99 or $59.99 w/ green Yarn Yoshi bundle), New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U bundle (Wii U, $59.99)
  • amiibo: Yarn Yoshi in pink, blue ($16.99 each)


  • October 20th: Guitar Hero Live (Wii U, $99.99), Just Dance 2016 (Wii U, Wii, $49.99)


  • October 22nd: Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (Wii U eShop, free-to-try or $49.99 for full download)


  • October 23rd: The Legend of Zelda: Tri-Force Heroes (3DS, $39.99)


  • November 1st: Mii Fighter amiibo Three-Pack ($34.99)

Shovel Knight Yacht Club Games

  • November 3rd: Shovel Knight retail release (Wii U $24.99, 3DS, $24.99)


  • November 6th: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS, $39.99)


  • November 13th: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U, free-to-download, $59.99 for retail bundle)
  •  amiibo: Mewtwo ($12.99), Animal Crossing series ($12.99 for stand-alone figures, $34.99 for 3-pack)


  • November 15th: Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo ($39,99)


  • November 20th: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Wii U, $49.99), Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon (3DS, $39.99)
  • amiibo: Falco ($12.99)

Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct

  • December 4th: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U, $59.99)


  • December 11th: Devil’s Third (Wii U, $59.99)


Noticeably absent from Nintendo’s press release today was mentions of a Super Mario Maker/Mario amiibo bundle (as available in Europe). Who knows what’s going to happen, but this was NoA’s holiday plan, and the lack of mention of either is not a good omen. We’ll keep watching across the rest of the year for announcements of either release.

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