Your Guide to Amiibogeddon: Mark 2

Last week, Nintendo talked about the future of amiibo, and it is jam-packed. Not only does the Super Smash Bros. line continue with an incredible three waves announced, but it is joined by new amiibo series from Animal Crossing, Yoshi’s Wooly World, and newcomer IP Splatoon. That’s a lot to wrap your head around, right? We at Always Nintendo are here to help you, in our special way. To update on the information we knew back in December, here’s a guide to all available amiibo, their rarity, and when you can pick up future releases.


Wave 1 (November 21st, 2014)

amiibo1 copy

The Commons

To this day, most stores are overflowing with Mario, Pikachu, and Peach. These are classic examples of amiibo that have stopped selling, as the collectors who wanted them have long since purchased them. Additionally, Yoshi, Samus, and Donkey Kong should also be reasonable to locate.

amiibo2 copy

The Harder-to-Find

While not impossible to find, Kirby and Link have gotten a little less common since their November launch last year (with Toon Link seemingly replacing regular Link on store shelves). Fox has also become pretty rare to the point of extinction, but an occasional visit to GameStop may have one turn up. Fox is pretty rare, but nowhere near as rare as…


The Holy Trinity

Marth, Villager, and Wii Fit Trainer. The three amiibo that arguably kicked off the amiibo craze, which Nintendo still refuses to understand. If you missed out on your chance to get these characters last year, you’re in luck. Nintendo is reprinting Marth this May for his Code Name S.T.E.A.M. functionality. Meanwhile, Japanese players will see a reprint of Villager and WFT next month as well. Given the overwhelming demand for these figures, your chances of purchase are slim.

Wave 2 (December 2014)

amiibos 1

The Commons

Ever since their release in December, Zelda, Diddy Kong, and Luigi have become readily available all over.

amiibos 2

The Departed

That can’t be said for the other half of Wave 2, consisting of Captain Falcon, Little Mac, and Pit. They were practically gone before you could find them in December, but they were spotted now and then (though very seldomly) since. As time goes by, they are likely to be the next Marth.

Wave 3 (February 2015)


The Commons

As amiibo fever continued to ramp up, it was discovered that the west coast port strike was continuing to slow shipments of Wave 3 across February 2015. Thus, we saw a slow roll-out just as had happen with Wave 2. As a result, the new amiibo disappeared very quickly off of store shelves, but have since become available. This grouping includes Bowser, Toon Link, Sheik, and even the third party cameos of Sonic and Mega Man.


The Extinct

The same can’t be said for the rest of the wave. Despite having specific functionality in prominent Nintendo games, King Dedede and Ike are all but gone. This goes doubly for the North American retail-exclusives: Meta Knight, Rosalina, Lucario, and Shulk. Shulk is the lone amiibo getting reissued in May, but only to those who pre-ordered the next shipment at GameStop. All the others are MIA, and the store exclusives will continue, according to Nintendo, “as long as retailers are willing to pay”.

Super Mario Bros. (March 20th, 2015)


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Launched alongside Mario Party 10, Nintendo clearly wants the Super Mario amiibo to be the mainstream line of figures, to sell to mom and dad and not just evil scalpers. This explains the easy availability and low demand for Luigi, Peach, Bowser, and Yoshi. The new Mario amiibo, originally exclusive to a MP10 bundle, has started turning up on his own this past week, making him another common.

toad mario

The Unicorns

Not all is green, however, as Toad and the Wal-Mart exclusive Gold Mario are pretty much gone. They also happen to be the most in-demand of the Super Mario series. Toad has a specific functionality in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, so of course Nintendo would under-produce him (it?), and Gold Mario has the coolness factor going for him. Any reprints of these two are currently up in the air.

Wave 4 (May 29th, 2015)

amiibo w51

Uncertain Availability

(Ha! Hahahahahaha!) That’s pretty much all of them. Wave 4 has been a well-documented mess of a roll-out, causing GameStop server meltdowns and selling out online withing seconds. Especially the Robin and Lucina amiibo, who, based on the rarity of fellow Fire Emblem amiibo Marth and Ike, were the first to go. Based on prior trends, you should expect for Pac Man, Charizard, and Wario to become the commons in this set.

w5 exclusives

The Retail Exclusives

The swift sell-out factor goes double for the three retailer exclusives this time around. Greninja is available at Toys R Us, and was on sale in the dead of night this past Friday only to sell out instantly. Jigglypuff of Target was gone in six minutes flat. And Ness was part of the terrible GameStop pre-order debacle, which led his amiibo to stay around longer than usual. If Nintendo is feeling particularly cheap, don’t bet on any more figures between now and launch for pre-order.

Splatoon (May 29th, 2015)

630x (4)

One package fits all

That’s right: on May 29th, Nintendo will release not one, but two new sets of amiibo. Nintendo’s brand-new IP Splatoon will surprisingly launch alongside its own amiibo collection. The hot ticket item, of course, is a three pack of figures which includes the exclusive Squid amiibo. It’s sold out so far every time it’s on pre-order, but maybe Nintendo will actually have stock available on Day 1.

Sold Separately

The Boy and Girl Splatoon amiibo will be available on their own, thankfully. So far, pre-orders for them are steady, with the individuals selling out after the triple pack is gone. Expect plentiful stock of these amiibo come May 29th.

Smash Bros. Wave 5 (July)

large 1

The only two amiibo in Wave 5 are from Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Pit and Palutena. Given their niche status among Nintendo games, there’s a huge risk that these guys, despite being the only two in a wave, will be gone before you can sneeze.

Wave 6 (September)

large 2 copy

Wave 6 looks like a normal release, consisting of six figures. As we’ve learned by now, some amiibo will be winners, while others are losers. Dr. Mario and Bowser Jr. are a lock to be commons, but Ganondorf is also a possible common, as the Zelda characters so far have been. Less likely to be common are Zero Suit Samus and Olimar, but we will see this September.

Yarn Yoshi (fall 2015 in North America)


There’s three cute ‘n cuddly Yoshi amiibo set for release with the upcoming Yoshi’s Wooly World. It’s too early to know how much each of these plush amiibo will be, but we can guess that the Pink and Blue Yoshi will sell out long before the Green variant.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer (fall 2015)

630x (1)

The upcoming Animal Crossing spin-off gives us the first card-based amiibo. All we can guess for now is that, based on the above image, there will be at least 95 of these cards. Ergo, they will probably be sold in blister packs, akin to your standard trading card game. Pricing and availability are unknown at this time.


Bottom line: the amiibo game has become absurd to the point of ridiculous. If you’ve made it this far in the series, congratulations: you’ve got nerves of steel. Nintendo may have made collecting difficult, but they are very forward-facing in their commitment to amiibo. Let us know how your amiibo collection, if you’ve got one, has been going in the comments.

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