Yoshi’s Woolly World Review

If you’re a fan of anything Mario, you’re more than familiar with his usually-green dinosaur buddy.  However, you might not be so familiar with his side games.  Yoshi’s Woolly World is Yoshi’s latest side show, and if there’s one thing I can tell you about it now, it’s that you’re not a man if you play this game.  It’s impossible, because the cuteness quite literally makes your junk tuck itself in while warm fuzzy feelings and smiles wash over you.


The beauty of side-scrolling games is that they need little in the way of gameplay description.  You go left, you go right, and you play with balls.  Soft, itchy balls.  How does Nintendo toss up a genre that has been done to death?  By allowing Yoshi to transform into some rather unusual formations.  Yes, I’m a bike.  And now… I’m a plane.  Not to be a one-trick pony with transformations, later levels do start to engage a level of creativity and challenge that is reminiscent of nothing other than courses that feel as if they were designed using Super Mario Maker.  To assist with the challenge, and perhaps even younger audiences, there’s a power-up system that provides various boosts.  Suffice to say, though, that at the end of it all, the game is more geared towards a less skilled audience.  Again, I wish to remind you that the late game DOES provide a bit of a challenge, but the overall scope and tools at hand ensure that progress is all but inevitable even at a leisurely pace.  This does not necessarily act as a heavy mark against the game, as it’s blatantly obvious the game is designed for enjoyment, not challenge.  This isn’t Yarn Souls II.


Coming in at a slightly reduced price of $50 bucks, there is some ease brought to what I’m about to say.  Unless you are a diehard Yoshi fan, this game will be a single playthrough for most people.  While there are collectables to unlock secret levels, 6 world’s to cuddle with, a literal SHIT ton of Yoshi costumes, and even a boss challenge mode, the truth is that once it’s done, it’s pretty much done.  The co-op mode is a nice touch, especially for siblings, and additional amiibo costumes (as if the game didn’t already have enough) are a friendly reminder that amiibo have multi-game value, but I think this game is suited for those with a targeted interest.  It’s just not enough thrills at this price point.


It’s beautiful.  Yes, I used that word.  There’s a level of detail that is, like most Nintendo games, hard to appreciate unless it’s live and in full presence before you.  It’s so cute and well crafted, in fact, that you kind of have to dig around and encourage your junk to drop back out after turning the game off.  It’s cute, fuzzy, and itchy wool leaves a lasting impression.  Unfortunately, there were a few times where it seems the graphics engine hit its limit, as I noticed some framerate drops on rare occasions that was rather noticeable.  These drops also affected responsiveness, so unless you want to believe they don’t exist, you’ll also FEEL it when it happens.  But then there’s the music.  I dare say these are some of the best compositions you’re going to hear this holiday, and some songs are just itching to be played DURING the actual holidays.  When your family is over for the holidays, play some of these jingles in the background.  You’re welcome.  If there’s one thing the Nintendo magic touched the most in Yoshi’s Woolly World, it’s the music.


I like Yoshi.  Yoshi is one of my favorite support characters, and while the yarn concept may be borrowed, Yoshi’s Woolly World manages an identity of its own thanks to its silly mascot.  Yoshi’s adorably cute noises, some of the finest compositions in gaming music, and a world so artfully crafted are all sewn together in a package that leaves an impression that reminds us that Nintendo should never leave the industry, or that it will be THE saddest day in gaming history if they ever do.  However, that’s not to say this game is perfect, as it presents just a tad too little challenge, falls short on the value-per-dollar proposition, and is marred by some occasionally unpleasant framerate dips.

I give Yoshi’s Woolly World… an 8.5/10.

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