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Nintendo World Report has given us some new information on Yoshi’s New Island! Here’s a list of some of the things that were mentioned:

  • move about with the Circle Pad or D-Pad
  •  jump with A
  •  shoot your egg weapons with the R-button
  •  first level is a tutorial
  •  mine cart transformation uses motion-sensing for control
  •  drill transformation also uses motion control while using the A-button to break blocks
  •  helicopter transformation uses motion controls, but requires pretty precise movements
  •  Eggdozers are gigantic eggs that have special abilitie
  •  the Mega Eggdozer can destroy concrete walls and objects that you can’t normally get past
  • destroying objects in succession will earn you additional 1-UPs
  •  the Metal Eggdozer allows you to sink below the surface of water to grab goodies
  •  you can jump higher when underwater
  •  grab a Star to let Yoshi run along walls, just like Mario in the original Yoshi’s Island
  •  levels do have hidden goodies and branching paths
  •  Level 4-1 is titled ”Hop ‘n’ Pop Till You Drop”
  •  in this level you have to hop on bubbles and balloons to get across a large pitfall
  •  world 5’s opening stage is named ”Brave the Bumpty Blizzard”
  •  this level has you using penguins to bounce to high places.
  •  first boss battle has you facing Kamek by throwing eggs at buckets that will fall down and drop on Kamek’s head
  • second boss involves Kamek transforming a bean into a killer beanstalk
  •  you have to throw eggs at the top to stop it in its tracks
  • still have the option of finding all the Red Coins and Smiley Flowers in each level
  • also collect 30 tiny stars in each level
  • collecting all the Smiley Flowers gets you something special

You can check out the full report right here!

[via: GoNintendo]

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