Nintendo Unveils a New Special Edition Yoshi-Themed Wii Remote Plus

Yoshi Wii Remote Plus

Yoshi Wii Remote Plus

To go along with all the other Mario character-themed Wii Remote’s being released, Nintendo has decided to release one in the theme of the famous Green Dinosaur, Yoshi. The new Wii Remote Plus will have a white front cover, green black cover, orange buttons and a small egg on the speaker.

This announcement comes days after the announcement of the Princes Peach-themed Wii Remote Plus that is ever-so-delightful. This Yoshi themed Wii Remote Plus will be released on May 30th alongside Mario Kart 8 and the Peach-themed Wii Remote Plus.

So what do you think about these character-themed controllers? Would you like to see Nintendo give other franchises this treatment? Tell us down below!

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