Yooka Laylee Hits Kickstarter Goal in 40 Minutes

It looks like there’s a lot of 3D platformer fans out there, because Playtonic had a very good day. The developer launched its Kickstarter for their upcoming platformer Yooka Laylee today, and it reached its goal of £175,000 in 40 minutes time.

As far as donation tiers, they extend beyond the ability to purchase the game at discount, as described previously. PC gamers get the game for $15 USD when it launches, but console owners like the Wii U will purchase it for a slight uptick of $24 USD. A $32 donation gets persons not only the game but a “Toy Box” demo on PC. And for the premium $535, you’ll score a 64-bit version of the game, along with an art book, signed manual, and (best of all) a Nintendo 64 flash cart of the 64-bit edition.

Though the initial goal is complete, stretch goals will continue to incentive fans to donate. These include new levels and bosses to create, such as a 2.5D mine cart level, as Rare, Inc. (where the members of Playtonic hail from) was once known for in past games. There’s also a goal for local co-op multiplayer and special games, and for £1,000,000, a day one simultaneous release on consoles.

There are 46 days left in this Kickstarter, so it’s safe to say these premium stretch goals will be reached. Are you one of the donators to Yooka Laylee‘s cause?

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