Yo-kai Watch Goes Global Next Year

Yo-kai Watch is coming.

Gematsu reports that Level-5’s multimedia sales juggernaut is finally journeying to the west according to recent comments made by the studio’s CEO Akihiro Hino:

“In regards too [sic] foreign markets, we have been taking a look at it in regards to Yokai Watch. We are in development planning to release it sometime next year. We think it has a big appeal as a very Japanese-ish fantasy story. We already have support from a foreign toy maker company saying that it will be a definite success.”

Now before you start gluing pictures of whis guy onto your 3DS in desperate anticipation like I am, note that this quote says nothing about the games’ localization. If anything, it sounds like the television show and toy-line will take precedent while the franchise gets its ghostly feet wet.

The Yo-kai Watch games are monster-collecting RPGs very much in the same vein as Pokémon, and boy, are they flying off shelves. The recently released Yo-kai Watch 2 has already sold over 2 million copies since July 10th, so it’s sort of a big spooky deal in Japan.

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