Xtype+ Review (Wii U eShop)

Xtype+ is a twin stick shooter available on the Wii U eShop.  The game was originally and still is free to play on the internet published by the same company, PhobosLab.  There is also an android app for the game, but I haven’t tried that so I’m not sure how it plays.  The Wii U version of this game adds in a new mode called Plus Mode which is only available in this version.  The base game is basically PhobosLab’s take on a bullet hell game.  Generally in a bullet hell game you are a ship that is stuck shooting in one position, generally either straight up or to the right with a scrolling screen.  In Xtype+ you can move in any direction and shoot in any direction independent of each other, making it a twin stick shooter.  The screen in this game also does not scroll, so instead of you going to the enemies they come to you.

xtype-plus-1The game works in stages and instead of many smaller enemies firing bullets at you, it is only one big boss monster that acts similar to smaller enemies.  After you beat the boss, you move onto the next one who is slightly more difficulty and this continues.  The boss is comprised of different parts, almost like blocks but not always shaped that way.  Each piece of the boss can have a different attribute, sometimes it is just a basic piece to provide more size and sometimes the piece has a weapon on it.  When you do enough damage to the pieces they will break off and be destroyed, this adds a dynamic attribute to the game because you can shape how the battle turns out.  If you are brave and want to try and dodge every bullet you can just aim for the bosses main piece and kill it without destroying anything.  I’m not that into high-scores so I wasn’t paying too much attention but it seems like the less parts you break before the kill, the more points you get.  Breaking the parts of the bosses is very beneficial because it stops them from attacking you.  From what I have seen there are 3 different weapons that the bosses will use, a ring of small pellets that spread out, spikes that you can destroy, and laser beams.  Every one of these projectiles will kill you instantly and in classic mode you only get 3 lives before you fail.  In the games plus mode, instead of lives you have a timer and every time you die an increased amount of time is taken from you and if you hit zero then you lose.  You also get three screen clearing bombs that don’t hurt the boss but only remove all projectiles.  The game plays slightly faster in this game mode and was overall more enjxtype-plus-4oyable for me.

One of my major complaints with this game is the lack of complexity.  After you’ve been introduced to all of the different weapons the boss can use then there is nothing new.  The game has no power ups for your ship so every boss is essentially the same fight just with more things to dodge.  Eventually it got to the point where I just tried to keep the boss in my peripheral vision and shoot in its general direction while I only focused on my ship to make sure I wasn’t hit.  The bosses seem to have some sort of random generation but sometimes they don’t, meaning that sometimes when you do phase 1 you’ll encounter the exact same boss multiple times but sometimes it is slightly different.

This game is a nice take on the classic bullet hell game genre but is overall very basic and this paid version of the game doesn’t add in too much more from the free version.  Even though the Plus Mode that is included in this version is better than the classic version of the game it still doesn’t seem like enough content to warrant a game purchase.  I would recommend if you’re on the fence about a purchase of this game, just go check out the original version of it that you can access online for free just by typing Xtype into Google and clicking on the PhobosLabs link.  There are always exceptions though and if you enjoy topping the leader boards and getting that top score then you should enjoy this game.  I give Xtype+ a 7/10.

Xtype+ Review (Wii U eShop)
  • A fresh look on the genre
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Not much content to offer
  • Game becomes easy with little experience
7Overall Score
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