Xenoblade Chronicles X’s Recent Nintendo Direct

Xenoblade Chronicles X Direct

From the creators of the original Xenoblade Chronicles and Baten Kaitos comes Xenoblade Chronicles X, a sci-fi RPG exclusively for the Wii U. It’s a jam-packed mecha adventure taking place after an intergalactic war, leaving survivors on a gorgeous post-apocalyptic world filled with lasers, robots, and dinosaurs! Really, what’s not to like? In Nintendo’s latest Direct streamed from Japan, we got the lowdown on some sweet details of this upcoming game:

  • As a mecha pilot of giant robots called “Dolls”, it’s up to you to protect NLA (New Los Angeles) from aliens while exploring Planet Mira. Dolls can all transform into various vehicles such as motorcycles, tanks, or flying machines.
  • Customize your player character’s looks, gender, height, skin, and voice, then choose from various player classes. Learn combat skills called “arts”; after using an art, there is a brief cooldown period in which it cannot be used.
  • Dolls come in various types: Light, Middle, and Heavy. Light types have sacrifice their HP for mobility, while heavy types move slowly but can take a beating. Of course, middle types get the best of both worlds with a balanced machine.
  • Dish out the damage with an arsenal of weapons including auto-attacking hand weapons, shields, vulcans, mini-guns, beam sabres, grenades, and giant laser cannons! Obtain extremely powerful “Super Weapons” using design plans to blast away everyone who stands in your way.
  • Add your own personal touch to your Doll with an extensive customization system. Switch out your parts, weapons, and colors on your killer robot to wreak even more havoc! Dolls also use their own weapons and arts in battle, and while multiple Dolls can be purchased, they’re also pretty expensive.
  • Take your weaponized mech out for a test drive and fly around beautiful NLA, but keep an eye out on your fuel. If you run out, you be unable to use your Doll’s arts and you’ll fall from the sky if you’re flying. Fuel recovers slowly and can be purchased at various locations.
  • Get insurance on your Doll! In the event of losing an arm, insurance can restore up to 3x the amount of money. If your mecha is low on HP, you can dismount to recover HP over time before it’s destroyed.
  • Form squads of up to 32 members to communicate and explore efficiently. Squad Quests for 4 players allow everyone to cooperate in defeating tons of enemies. Defeat giant bosses as a team, and track your progress on the leaderboards.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in Japan on April 29, 2015 for Wii U, and later this year in North America, Europe, and Australia. Will you guys be getting this awesome robot RPG?

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