Wonder Festival Summer 2015 Brings a Bounty of New Figures

Last week was Wonder Festival Summer in Japan and, amongst the prototypes of Hatsune Miku, Love Live, and more Kantai Collection figures than a standard collector’s shelf can hold, a grouping of Nintendo-related ones were shown. One thing to keep in mind is these are not yet approved for manufacturing and things could be changed, added, or scrapped entirely. On that note, here is what Good Smile Company plans to bring to lucky gamer/toy collectors in the future:

The first figure, shown in the header image, is Nendoroid Link – Majora’s Mask version. For those uninitiated, Nendoroids, are a line of figures that are relatively small and cutely proportioned (most often referred to as “chibi”). They come with several interchangeable expressions and accessories. The accessories for this figure (or indeed, any of those previewed here) have not yet been revealed.


The next two figures were announced in illustration form only: figma Samus Aran – Zero Suit version and figma Link – A Link Between Worlds version. Unlike Nendoroids, figma (made by Good Smile Company’s sister company, Max Factory) are properly in proportion and also a bit bigger. They tend to be more posable as well. They also come with various accessories.


Stepping outside their comfort zone, Good Smile Company will be partnering with German plush manufacturer, Steiff, to produce a high-quality and presumably high-priced Pikachu plush. No word on edition size yet.


While not a from a Nintendo license, many readers will surely be interested in Nendoroid Mega Man. This one definitely has the potential for some cool accessories (please add in Rush, GSC!).

Nendoroid N

This final image does not come from Wonder Festival but rather a listing on Good Smile Company’s website. Nendoroid N of Pokémon Black/White will be available for purchase online from the Japanese Good Smile Company shop, priced at ¥5,000. Be warned, this item will only ship directly to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. Not in one of those places? It may be time to look into a proxy service.

[images via Good Smile Company’s FaceBook]

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