Nintendo shows us the Upcoming Wii U Boot Menu Update

New Wii U Boot Menu

During a recent Investor’s Presentation, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed a new boot menu that focuses on user-friendliness and boot times, supposedly coming out in a firmware update later this year. As you’ll be able to see in the video below, users will be presented with a grid of recently played games at the push of a button while selecting a Mii character save slot that they’d like to use in it.

In the Investors Meeting, Iwata also mentioned that this feature will soon be making its way to Wii U consoles all over the world:

The integration of this feature is almost complete, and this is how it will actually work on the Wii U system. We will deliver this update to Wii U owners when we update the Wii U hardware either before or during summer.

Are you excited for Nintendo’s release of this update? Were the long load times starting to bug you? We’d really like to hear your thoughts. Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Via: Nintendo Life

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