Wii U Gamepad Has Been Hacked To Stream Games From PC

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You may have heard about being able to use your Wii U Gamepad as a PC controller, but know, hackers have done something truly amazing. At the 30th annual Chaos Communication Congress, hackers have managed to figure out a way to stream PC games and emulators directly on the Wii U Gamepad.

Despite some crashes, the demo appeared to be fairly playable — though the team warns that the available code is aimed primarily at developers. The group eventually plans to build user-friendly tools for Windows and OSX, as well as an Android port designed to allow users to substitute the Wii U GamePad with their own tablets, streaming from the console to the slate of their choice. It’s not quite ready to replace your NVIDIA Shield, but the project is brimming with potential. Check out the presentation’s slides at the source link below, or read on for a video of the hack in action

If you want to get directly into the gameplay, skip to about 47 minutes in. That’s where the real fun starts! Thanks to Engadget and My Nintendo News for this story!

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