Why You Should Join Your Local StreetPass Group

There is no better time than International StreetPass Week to feature the benefits of belonging to a StreetPass gaming group. These are gamers who meet up to play games (usually Nintendo 3DS ones), socialize, and most importantly, get StreetPasses. For many of us, those invisible gamer-to-gamer tags are pretty illusive in daily life. These meet-ups were born to fix that problem. It’s gamers helping gamers.


Let’s talk about the StreetPass group I belong to, StreetPass Los Angeles (SPLA, for short), which celebrated its four year anniversary this month. I had attended SPLA since the first meet and it is now a big part of my life. The size of the group has definitely grown in number over these four years but I consider all of them family. These aren’t just random strangers gathering in silence, glaring at their 3DS screens; we chat, joke around, and just generally enjoy each other’s company. The community is just as much a focus as the games we are playing.



StreetPass Los Angeles has their own FaceBook group and uses it to announce their monthly meet-up. The location tends to be the same (for us, it is Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles) but the information is always posted to encourage newcomers. The schedule for the meet is posted along with rules for tournaments.


Did I say tournaments? Why yes, I did. Many groups have various tournaments, sometimes more than one per meet. Games used in these tournaments have included Mario Kart 7Smash Bros. 4, and Pokémon. Prizes can be themed to a specific tournament or just be something generally coveted by gamers (think amiibo).



Sometimes meets include raffles or giveaways. They tend to happen towards the closing of the event and it is a good incentive to stick around. This last meet’s raffle had several pretty big prizes and many members walked away with big smiles and a new item.


I wholeheartedly encourage gamers everywhere to check out the StreetPass group nearest them. A Google search or two is bound to yield results. And if that isn’t the case, why not start one? That little green light is waiting to light up!

[event photos courtesy of Loki Starwind]

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