Why Satoru Iwata Will Not Attend E3

Last year, Nintendo Presidemt Satoru Iwata was forced to miss E3 on account of a surgery, which led to grave weight loss. This year, he will be skipping out on Los Angeles as well, but we have not known the exact nature of his decision. Mr. Iwata took to the Japanese Nintendo Twitter account to explain why:

With the exception of last year, I’ve been going to the E3 every year. However, as there’s no new hardware to present this year and considering the fact that a general meeting of shareholders is planned for the week following the E3, I will remain in Japan this year. My role at E3 this year is to relay everything happening at E3 to everyone that’s in Japan.

The shareholders meeting is of great importance to Nintendo, as it marks the time when investors vote on Mr. Iwata’s approval rating for re-election. Given that E3 is a week later than normal this year, there is merit to the notion that Iwata not waste a full trip to Los Angeles on account of his health. He added that although his health precludes his travels, he will update his thoughts on Twitter throughout the week, with a new Mii to represent him (pictured above).

Because of the operation I underwent in June last year, I’ve become a little thin. My weight has more or less remained the same since I left the hospital and it seems as though I’ll be able to maintain this figure, so I decided to update my official Mii to reflect my present condition. Please be kind to it.

Even if Mr. Iwata won’t be physically present at E3, he will doubtless be present in Nintendo’s Digital Event on Tuesday, and he’ll be posting via Twitter. His associates Shigeru Miyamoto, Reggie Fils-Aime and Bill Trenin are already present in Los Angeles, ready to carry out his divine will (that of announcing Nintendo games).

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