Why Nintendo Often Uses the Word “New” in their Products

Yoshi's New Island Worlds

If you’ve been following Nintendo games over the last decade, you may have seen the company’s fascination with the word “new”. Games like New Super Mario Bros. and Yoshi’s New Island have co-opted the word, but so has the New Nintendo 3DS line of systems. So why is Nintendo so interested in this branding? In an interview with Part-Time Gamers (via Gamnesia), localization writer Chris Pranger of Nintendo explained why:

In Japanese, “new” is exotic and sounds cool. That is the exact reason why “new” is on so many titles.

And if you wonder why the localized title Animal Crossing: New Leaf didn’t have the word in its Japanese title (Jump Out! Dobutsu no Mori), Mr. Pranger explained that the Japanese developers don’t mind the use of “new” in a localization as long as it doesn’t confuse people. He does acknowledge that the word doesn’t convey the same sense of exotic flavor that it does in Japan.

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