White Super Smash Bros. Gamecube Controller Now Available

Why Does Japan Always Get The Cool Colors?

I can’t tell you why they do. Sorry. But, white is a refreshingly cool addition to the Gamecube controller lineup even if it weren’t specifically aimed at Smash Bros’ revival. We’ve reported extensively on the shortage of Gamecube Adapters and the ensuing price hikes found on Ebay and Amazon, but perhaps this could end up taking the cake in coming weeks once it’s finally released.  Until they are finally released however, you can pre-order them now at a reasonable price.

Gamecube.Luigi.1 Gamecube.Box.1

Also, if white doesn’t suit your fancy and you’re not completely bent on getting that ornate Smash logo on your controller, then they’ve got some nice Red/Blue and Green/Blue Mario & Luigi swatches as well. Almost 15 years later and the Gamecube era still has yet to be swept away from Nintendo’s consciousness.

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