What Hast Thou Beenst Playing? May 22nd

Welcome to the second installment of Always Nintendo’s newest weekly feature. It’s a smaller group than usual this week, but we’re back to share what amazing, or hamazing depending on who you ask, games we’re up to. Be sure to share with us what you’re playing in the comments. Because after all, we’re all some kind of gamer.


I know I am way late to the game on this one but I finally started Child of Light on the Wii U this week. As a fan of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, it was easy to slip into the game’s fairy tale-like setting. Some of the combat mechanics, mostly those involving your firefly companion, are clever and more deep than than they seem. And the way a second player takes on the firefly’s role reminded me of Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, where player two can play as Popka and give Klonoa jump boosts (or make him jump to his death mid-level as my brother occasionally did when I was playing). From the art direction to the soundtrack, every part of the game is as if it popped out of the fairy realm. And seriously, props to whoever managed to write the script as one epic poem.


Though not explicitly a Nintendo title, I’ve been plugging away at Castlevania: Bloodlines this week. See, I own the DS sequel Portrait of Ruin, but I haven’t tried that out yet because I wanted to see what the Genesis game was all about since the two share a…common heritage. Bloodlines primarily stars John Morris, a swashbuckling, vampire hunting Texan who represents a weird offshoot of the Belmont clan, but the game certainly feels more or less like the classic NES Castlevanias. Committing to jumps, deliberate whipping mechanics, precious sub-weapons — it’s all here and set to the tune of the Genesis’ 16-bit hardware. And here’s a fun fact: Bloodlines represents composer Michiru Yamane’s first contributions to the series and tracks like “Iron Blue Intention” still hold up even twenty years later. While I wouldn’t say this is my favorite action-platformer, there’s enough here to captivate someone like me who’s retroactively playing through the series now that Koji Igarashi has moved onto his new project Bloodstained. If you have a spare $100 to burn and the original system lying around, I could almost recommend Bloodlines, but wouldn’t it be nice to see Nintendo reinstate Genesis games on Wii U Virtual Console? The Wii had them for crying out loud, but I digress.


It’s all Pokémon all the time for me, it seems. Once again, I’m spending what free time I have on the classics. This time, it’s Pokémon Pearl. I’m not replaying the whole game, no. I’m grinding away at the game’s Super Contests, which involves lots of preparation. I’m also grinding away for Super Secret Base flags in Alpha Sapphire, a much-more contemporary franchise entry. I guess you could say I’m the world’s most boring trainer?

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