What Hast Thou Beenst Playing? May 15th

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Welcome to a brand-new feature on Always Nintendo, “What Hast Thou Beenst Playing?”. It can be whether it’s on Wii U or 3DS, or even Wii and DS! It can also be non-Nintendo games we’re playing, because we’re all gamers. Tune in every Friday and we’ll go around to see what all the Always Nintendo crew have been playing, and we’ll go from there! Hopefully, you’re playing them too.



My recent gaming time has mostly consisted of dungeon-crawling with Persona Q. I started out the game with the team from Yasogami High (aka Persona 4’s heroes) but I love including members from Persona 3 in my party as well (I am particularly fond of Koromaru). I never really got into the Yggdrasil Union series but slap a layer of Shin Megami Tensei on top and I am all over it. So much of the game’s content is catering to SMT’s fanbase and I adore every interaction between the characters, especially when it includes ones both titles. And this may be the completionist in me but I am just obsessed with getting 100 percent cleared on each dungeon floor. Sure, it will take me longer to complete the game this way but I don’t mind one bit. I am enjoying this journey as it comes.


So this week I have been not been playing too many games. It is nearing the end of my semester so I have been studying like mad for final exams and such. That being said, in my free time, I have been playing bits and pieces of Sonic Generations. For one, it is very much a “pick-up-and-play” sort of game, meaning I can play a level and just exit out when I am done. Not to mention the gameplay is fast and exhilarating. I believe this is my second time playing Generations and I still love it. It is perfect to get my mind off of stresses and for relaxing.

F-Zero Mario Kart 8


I can’t stop playing Mario Kart 8! Maybe it’s because of the new DLC, the addition of 200CC, or the fact that I now want to finally complete the game. Regardless of the reason, I’m hooked, and if there’s anything that does that well, it’s Nintendo games! Everything about this game is polished to perfection, and I constantly go in time trial mode just to see the details in each track. I love every bit of this game, (except battle mode. Ugh…) and I can’t wait to play more!



Lately I’ve been playing Splatoon! The game’s super fun and in addition to the amaze-INK multiplayer, the game has an awesome single player campaign. It’s really fun collecting all of the pieces of equipment and weapons as mixing-and-matching combinations of these two can really change the way you play. (Ed. note: Splatoon will be available in stores on May 29th)


As for me, I revisited New Super Mario Bros. U  (and the DS original on Virtual Console) for hours last night. And today, I put in time into no less than two versions of classic Pokémon games (FireRed and Emerald). So you might say I’m reliving the classics. Not a whole lot of newness this month thus far, at least for Nintendo fans. At least until the Puzzle & Dragons combo pack and Splatoon come out later on.

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