What Hast Thou Beenst Playing? June 5th

It’s E3 Month, as it were. Until we’re covering the latest and greatest announcements, we have our existing games to play. Here’s what the team of Always Nintendo is enjoying for the past week. Remember, you can share your playtime in the comments, too.


All cards on the table, I didn’t do much gaming in the beginning of the week. That all changed when I downloaded the June DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I saw the Blanka set for Felynes and knew it had it to be mine. I have so far managed to craft the weapon from it (a large fish) and am working on the armor now. My companion will be looking like Street Fighter’s electrifying grappler in no time!


Haven’t really had much time this week to curl up with a good game, but I have squeezed a few quick sessions of 3D Outrun here and there. It’s definitely one of my go-to games when I only have few minutes to spare or just need to indulge myself in ‘80s automotive luxury. Unlike the arcade original, the 3DS port of Outrun sports unlockable cars with different attributes like higher top speed, better drifting, crash resistance, and so on, all of which provide for a more accommodating experience for newcomers or lackadaisical thrill seekers such as myself. For Outrun purists, arcade mode is also available if you want to cruise the world with all the subtle nuance of a classic red Ferrari Terrarossa, and why wouldn’t you? I also love the two exclusive tracks added in for this 3DS version and both feel right at home beside “Magical Sound Shower” and “Splash Wave.” Actually, I just flat out love everything about Outrun. Blistering speeds, great scenery, good company in the passenger seat, and get this: zipping around in this Ferrari doesn’t cost $200,000. Talk about a bargain.

Elliot Quest Wii U


Lately I’ve been playing Elliot Quest! Elliot Quest is a fun adventure that will net you around 18-20 hours of playtime (even more for completionists) and pays homage to classic games such as Zelda II and even Kid Icarus. If you’re looking for a fun 2D adventure, I’d definitely recommend picking this one up from the Nintendo Wii U eShop.


I haven’t much time for gaming this past week, and I have not picked up Nintendo’s latest sensation Splatoon (amiibo before games). But I did start playing Mega Man III for the first time on the 3DS. My initial impression is that, while difficult like any Mega Man game should be, the soundtrack is spectacular. Coincidentally, this same week saw the announcement of a new Mega Man TV series and the rumors of a new series producer. Could the Blue Bomber rise again? Until he does, we have the classics.

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