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When an overview of the Nintendo Switch’s features were announced, The multi-capacitive touchscreen was shown briefly but launch titles were only using it for menu navigation or not at all. It would make sense considering how would players be able to use the touchscreen features in a game while the switch is in docked mode, which caused the VOEZ port announcement to shock a few people.

Originally released on the mobile devices last year by Rayark Games, VOEZ is the Nintendo Switch’s first rhythm game and handheld mode-only title.


voez5Unexpected from a rhythm game, VOEZ actually includes astory told through an in-game diary that shows tweets, messages, and journals from characters. The story follows a girl named Chelsea and you follow her journey with her classmates to start a band named “VOEZ”. You can unlock entries from the journals by completing challenges(an example being complete 5 songs on easy with a B rank) so you can continue on with the plot and unlock some good looking art work. The story, however, isn’t really a major feature of the game and can easily ignored as it’s just another selection on the main menu.




The gameplay is what makes VOEZ a must have for newcomers and veterans of the rhythm game genre alike. Players have to tap falling notes to the beat of the music when they reach a white horizontal line at the bottom of the screen. As with any other rhythm game, the falling notes also have different attributes to them so tapping won’t be the only thing you’ll be doing. You’ll also be holding, swiping and flicking certain notes as they hit the line as well.


As soon as you start up the game and tap the title screen, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful, minimalistic UI that VOEZ has. As soon as you reach the song list, you’re greeted by a wealth of songs, each with beautiful artworks created by different artists (with an option to view the artwork full screen as well). As expected, the good looking visuals aren’t only on the menus but can also be seen on the playing field during gameplay as well. As you tap, flick, and slide the screen to the beat of the music, lanes that the notes fall in will change color and sometimes interact with the type of note tapped as well. An example being if a player were to flick a flick note left, the lane might also move to the left. This gives the player an interactive feeling but can also be distracting and confusing at times.


Compared to other rhythm games, all songs from VOEZ’s song list are unlocked from the very start. This is something that players of the original mobile version should enjoy because you’re getting over 110 songs for the price of $30 instead of spending a lot more for microtransactions on the original version. The Switch version of VOEZ will also be kept up to date with the mobile version and also get songs exclusive to the Switch version. The song list has different genres ranging from classical piano to dubstep and with 3 difficulties to choose from (348 charts in total), Players are guaranteed to have some fun!




Voez Review (Switch)
VOEZ is a stylish rhythm game that makes good use of the Switch’s touchscreen and is a must play for fans of the rhythm game genre. For those that haven’t played a rhythm game and would like to, the soundtrack, visuals and easy to learn gameplay makes it a great introduction to the genre. VOEZ is now available exclusively in the Nintendo eShop for the price of $29.99 USD/ $34.00 CAD.
  • Easy to play
  • Over 100 songs
  • Songlist won't please everyone
  • Forgetful Story
9Overall Score
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