Be the Villain you Always Wanted to be with Nefarious on Kickstarter!

Nefarious Wii U Kickstarter

Say hello to a new project on Kickstarter called Nefarious…

In Nefarious your objective in each stage is to successfully kidnap a Princess and then thwart a hero trying to stop you! Experience the adventure of classic platformers from the other side of the coin and use an arsenal of explosives to blast your way through the opposition!

The best laid plans will go awry. And sometimes kidnapping the princess can become complicated. A princess with wings will make you lighter than air while carrying her. One composed of pure energy will supercharge your abilities just by being in close proximity.

A scorching princess may have an adverse effect on your suit and do strange things to your explosive ammo.

The Nefarious villain protagonist boasts a suit of armor that makes him immune to most explosions, so you can use a combination of grenades and bombs to propel yourself to new heights!

Some bombs stick! Detonating sticky bombs on command means that these lethal (and incredibly sticky) weapons can be used for controlled grenade jumps. Boost in to the air with multiple grenades to gain an unfair advantage over the despicable heroes.

…Or, if you feel like being particularly evil, set traps for your pursuers and watch the gibs fly, a great party trick!

The Nefarious Kickstarter is currently live!

Will you be backing this project? Do you think it will achieve its Kickstarter goals? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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