Unconfirmed: The Legend of Legacy Journeys To the West

Though far from an official confirmation, Atlus PR Manager John Hardin recently mentioned on a podcast that the company was in the process of localizing The Legend of Legacy for Nintendo 3DS:

I hope we see a lot more Japanese games come over here. Actually, we did announce The Legend of Legacy is coming over here, and we have another one in the can too that I can’t talk about yet. But another really niche Japanese game that actually isn’t even out yet—we’re bringing it over for the 3DS later this year. 

Having listened to the entirety of the podcast, Hardin was probably referring to Atlus’ other recently announced 3DS title Stella Glow, but nonetheless his Freudian slip could indicate that the other “really niche Japanese game” he was referring to was none other than The Legend of Legacy. Pretty simple mix up considering Hardin also admitted that Atlus is localizing around 14 titles this year alone.

The Legend of Legacy comes from the studio Furyu, which consists of ex-Square Enix and Level-5 folks; some of the staff’s past experience includes work on the SaGa series, Crono Trigger and Crono Cross, and even Final Fantasy XIII.

The the pop-up book-inspired RPG released in Japan earlier this year and was a modest commercial success. It certainly seems like the kind of game Atlus would be keen bring stateside, so let’s all hope that is indeed the case because hot dang and whoa nelly look at that frog prince.

[Via: SMT Network Podcast]
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