More Ultimate NES Remix Details Emerge

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This coming December, 3DS fans will get to experience Ultimate NES Remix, a compendium of the two Wii U NES Remix titles. In today’s Nintendo Direct, we learned that there’s more to the experience than meets the eye. For one, the title will have an entirely separate mode, Famicom Remix. Presenter Bill Trinen noted that certain games will have differing sound effects, such as titles originally made for Japan’s Famicom Disc System (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, etc…) We were also reminded of the game’s online leaderboards, which cover all aspects of Ultimate NES Remix, along with Daily Challenges to test your mettle.

And for people who purchase the game at retail or digitally, you’ll net a free download of an exclusive Famicom-themed 3DS Menu. Perhaps this will entice skeptics, wary of the less-than-complete nature of the package, to pick it up come December 5th.

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