Two Tribes Working on New Unannounced Title; Will be a Twin-Stick Shooter

Two Tribes Upcoming Game
Two Tribes Upcoming Game

This game looks pretty interesting…

Two Tribes has definitely made it clear that there won’t be another Toki Tori game coming anytime soon, but if something doesn’t work out for you, try again! That’s exactly what Two Tribes is doing. In a special group, Collin van Ginkel of Two Tribes has announced something super cool! Here’s what he said:

Hi, we’re now 66 people strong on this list, so let’s give you all some info on what we’re making here at Two Tribes HQ! We are making a hybrid platformer / shooter game. The controls are twin-stick based and you have a rotatable auto-regenerating shield that disables while you shoot. We’re still tweaking and tuning *everthing* :) To make sure we make the correct decisions, I want to understand things like having great bullet patterns and scoring mechanisms, so that’s where you guys come in. Once in a while I’ll send over questions and hope to start healthy discussions on what you (dis)like. Attached is a mockup of where we’re headed.  Thanks again for participating!

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been posted anywhere as yet seeing as this announcement was made on March 28, but I’m definitely excited to see what Two Tribes has in store. Maybe this game will help them recover from the bad Toki Tori sales!

I want to know what YOU think. Do you think this upcoming game will be a success or a flop? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Source: “Special Group”

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