Two Tribes Bringing Swords & Soldiers HD to the Wii U

Swords & Soldiers HD Wii U

Swords & Soldiers II Wii U

Two Tribes has teamed up with developer Ronimo Games to bring Swords & Soldiers to the Wii U in HD! In case you’ve never heard of it, here’s a pretty spot-on explanation of the game:

Command an army of Vikings in their quest to create the ultimate BBQ sauce, lead the Aztecs in defense of the Holy Pepper and build an array of explosive Chinese toys! Build your own forces and defeat your foes using berserkers, dart blowers, giant boulders, ninja monkeys (yes, – ninja monkeys!) and many more!

Here’s what Two Tribes will be offering in the game update:

  • The classic Swords & Soldiers experience.
  • Playable with custom touch scheme on Gamepad.
  • Playable with Wii remote on TV.
  • Multiplayer mode combining GamePad and TV.
  • High res HD graphics compared to SD Wii release.
  • Expected release end of April / Early May.
  • Low TBA introduction price.
  • The ultimate BBQ sauce.

I’ll make sure to bring you any more updates and details that are announced. You can check out our coverage on Swords & Soldiers II right here!

Source: Two Tribes Blog

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