Top 5 Favorite Easter Eggs

As you finish up your Easter egg hunts and festivities, we’ve found five of our favorite Easter Eggs tucked away in some of Nintendo’s biggest titles. Easter eggs are little homages or references to other games or franchises, which are usually a great source for nostalgia, leaving us with a token of gratitude toward the developers for putting in the effort to bring, even a small, blast from the past. The games listed aren’t in any particular order.

1) Mario Mask from Majora’s Mask (Nintendo 64/Nintendo 3DS)

Majora's mask

Tucked away inside this mystical game, you play as Link trying to save Princess Zelda and along the way you meet a very happy mask salesperson with a backpack covered with a series of masks. Among these masks is a very familiar face.

Mask Salesperson

Mario’s face appears as a mask on the Happy Mask Salesperson’s back. The Happy Mask Salesperson appears in multiple Legend of Zelda games, first appearing in Ocarina of Time, but he is usually associated with his role in Majora’s Mask.

2) Gulliver’s Tales from Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS)


The Animal Crossing games are full of fun Easter eggs to find and several homages to other Nintendo games and New Lear if no exception. While running around the beach of your town in, you might stumble across an unconscious seagull sprawled out on the sand. If you talk to him enough times he’ll wake up and tell you how he was heading to a very important place before his ship was destroyed in a storm and washed up on your shores. However, he won’t be able to remember the place and ask you for assistance. If you pay close attention to what he says, you might catch references to older games.AC Gulliver

He mentions meeting the residents of Ricco Harbor, which is the second level in Super Mario Sunshine. If his destination is Italy and you guess that correctly, he references a fat plumber which is, of course, Mario. He’ll even mention Kokiri Forest from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time from time to time.

3) The Gamecube Controller in Super Mario Sunshine (Nintendo Gamecube)Sunshine

One of my personal favorite games of all time is Super Mario Sunshine, which, like Animal Crossing, is full of Easter egg goodness. The one I’m focusing on is within the level Sirena Beach where the layout of the grounds in front of the hotel resemble that of the Gamecube controller.sirenaBeachGamecubeController

The two huts near the hotel represent the directional and c stick, while the upper left hand pool of water represents the control stick and the bodies of water on the right hand side are set up in the positions of the B, A, X, and Y buttons.

4) The Master Hand in Super Smash Brothers Melee (Nintendo Gamecube)


While some consider this a glitch rather than an Easter egg, unlocking the Master Hand in Super Smash Bros. Melee is a fun feat. There are two ways to perform the glitch that unlocks Master Hand, depending if you use one controller or two.

There are several sub-glitches that you can apply to give Master Hand different abilities. Since Master Hand is a character programmed into the game’s coding, this leads people to believe Master Hand is more of an Easter Egg than a glitch.

5) Angry Pikachu in Hey You Pikachu (Nintendo 64)


Now, Hey You Pikachu may not have been the Nintendo 64’s number one seller, but it did have a neat little Easter Egg when you said the company’s rival’s name to Pokémon. YouTuber Trichilly shows you what happens when you tell Pikachu “Playstation”. Pikachu immediately gets angry and summons his signature lightning.

Almost every Nintendo game has an Easter egg locked inside it, tell us your favorite and let us know which ones we missed down in the comment section below!

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