Tons Of Yoshi’s New Island Gameplay Footage

Yoshi's New Island Box Art

Nintendo World Report has treated fans of Yoshi all of over the world today with tons of Yoshi’s New Island footage! Here’s what they had to say about it.

Yoshi’s New Island will be hitting store shelves on the 14th of March and our first impressions were certainly better than expected. Actions speak louder than words though, so we are going to show you various sections of the game today. You will see us duke it out against bosses, enemies and some devious obstacles and these will certainly put your platforming skills to the test. With 13 levels for you to view upon, there is no better time to start learning what new tricks our green friend has been hiding from us!

Check out some more of the videos that were posted:

If you want to check out more than 15 other clips of the game, you can check them out right here!

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