Theatrhythm Dragon Quest Debut Trailer

Oh baby, here we go. Theatrhythm Dragon Quest in all its shimmering glory, and it’s pretty dang cute.

With this latest installment, there’ll be some noticeable changes to the Theatrhythm formula to accommodate the whole Dragon Quest vibe going on including an altered battle perspective to better match DQ‘s iconic turn-based combat, which is a super nice touch. Take a gander below:

No word if this one will make its way across the pond, but man, I really hope so. Dragon Quest has had a rough go of things in western territories in recent years, but maybe a Theatrhythm title to celebrate the entirety of the series could help change all of that. Please, Square Enix?

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest for Nintendo 3DS comes out in Japan on March 26, 2015.

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