Teslagrad Coming to Wii U Retail in Early 2015

Teslagrad World

Norwegian game development studio Rain Games has confirmed that they’ll be bringing their hit 2D platformer, Teslagrad to the Wii U in the form of retail copies alongside other home consoles in early 2015.

Although most versions of the game will be available on December 3rd in Europe, Rain Games has yet to confirm official retail release dates for Teslagrad in North American (U.S.A and Canada) and South America.

Rain Games is a group of indie developer consisting of talented programmers and artists. If you want to find our more details about ’em, go ahead and check out our interview with them!

Are you excited to see Teslagrad headed to retailers? Do you hope to see the trend of indie developers jumping to retailers continue–especially on the Wii U? Let your thoughts be heard in the comments section below.

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