Target Confirms Jigglypuff amiibo Online Pre-Orders Sold Out

Since it was revealed last week, the Target-exclusive Jigglypuff amiibo has been a complete unicorn. It was on sale very briefly last Thursday, but sold out instantly. Fortunately for some (many), pre-orders for Jigglypuff went live again this past morning, giving many a second shot at the figure. Now that the smoke has cleared, Target has confirmed that there will be no more online pre-orders for the Jigglypuff.

Speaking to news site, Target’s PR stated:

That’s correct. The Jigglypuff Amiibo has been popular! No additional preorders are being taken. Guests can visit stores or on May 29. Quantities will be limited.

This is a similar situation to what happened with Target’s previous amiibo exclusive, Rosalina and Luma. As a result, many were forced to stand outside Targets early morning on February 1st to have a slim chance at purchasing her. While it’s a long shot this time, more Rosalina amiibo did pop up online the day it went on sale (the only day, due to low stock), but it quickly sold out again. There’s a possibility that this scenario could repeat with Jigglypuff.

Alas, until May 29th, the Wave 4 amiibo drama may never end. Are you annoyed at how limited Jigglypuff has been to get, or did you get lucky and pre-order one?

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