Help Fund Tadpole Treble – A Game Made by the Creator of Brawl in the Family

From creator of Brawl in the family Nintendo Force Writer Michael Taranto and his brother Matthew Taranto come an epic action/music game called Tadpole Treble, a perfect blend of songs styled old and new.

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In this game you play as a tadpole called named Baton who traverses her way across various boss levels (including boss stages). The thing that makes this game cool is that the music determines the layout of the stage which can result in difficult obstacles and quick decision making in order to beat the level.

In the game demo, I had access to two levels, Chiptune Lagoon and Turtle Pipes and I must say, although the game looks simple, it can get really hard at times. Another notable fact is that unlike most modern games, Tadpole Treble requires a substantial amount of skill once you get deeper and deeper into a level.



Something that adds to the fun gameplay is the amazing music in the game. You can take a look at the music on the official Kickstarter page right here:

Anyways here are some of the backer bonuses:

Cool right? If you want to see this project funded, head over to and show your support! At the time I received the offer to help tell the world of gamers about this, the project was over 75% completed, let’s see that other quarter filled up. Ahh but there’s one more surprise. This game has a stretch goal for the Wii U so if we see this funded you could be seeing new content headed your way. Here’s the blueprint for it:


Can you help enough to make it happen? Thanks to the Toranto brothers for access to this game! You guys rock! I’ll try and help lot’s to get this project funded! Also to anyone who’s interested, check out to see some really cool comics! Cheers!

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  • MotherFatherEarthbound

    Wow I can’t wait to get this game! It looks really fun and relaxing. Thanks for posting about this :D

  • LinkKid96

    Looks fun! I’ll make sure to pick this one up if it reaches it’s Wii U stretch goal :D

  • KickSmack98

    Ha! The main character in this game seems really cute! I’ll make sure to get this game!

  • KarateFlop

    It looks really fun and complex. The creators should make a more action packed trailer though. That would be cool to see :) Can’t wait to try the demo!

  • pattie

    Looks cool :D

  • cake_is_for_pansies

    Great job guys! Keep up the good work!

  • I’m glad to see that there’s so much support for this game :D