More Swords & Soldiers II Wii U Details Spill

Just a few weeks ago, Ronimo Games announced its newest production:
Swords & Soldiers II. Today the first details and images emerge from the Dutch game studio. As in the original Swords & Soldiers for WiiWare, the game features lots of side scrolling strategy action. Players will again be able to take control of the powerful Vikings and their array of devastating spells. For the sequel their army has been reworked and strengthened by new units and spells.

Swords & Soldiers II Wii U
They will need it however, as they’re facing a new threat in the form of Demons roaming their lands. These Demons don’t seem to care about anything but destruction, throwing everything they have into every encounter. Even their own lives don’t appear to be very important to them, as some of them hurl themselves towards the enemy running on explosives. Literally.

Apart from the Demons, there will a third faction that will be revealed at a later date.

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