Switch Digital Manuals Not Required, Inclusion Up To Developers

If you’ve familiar with the past few Nintendo platforms, you might have noticed that the Nintendo Switch is lacking in instruction manuals of any kind, paper and digital. Digital manuals in particular the company had begun honing in the 3DS and Wii U era. Turns out this was no accident, as Nintendo has made the feature optional this console around, as it is no longer a system-wide requirement as it was on Wii U and 3DS.

As David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games explained to Kotaku, who had been wondering about the absence of manuals:

“You are correct that there isn’t an instruction manual (for Shovel Knight on Switch). We weren’t sure how common they would be used on Nintendo Switch. It’s possible we may add it in the future, but we chose to focus on making sure the game was done since we were rushing to make launch day! We were definitely hemming and hawing about whether to pull more all-nighters to get the manuals in there.”

In contrast, the original retail (and digital) releases of Shovel Knight on 3DS and Wii U did include instruction manuals, with the physical manuals inspired by the game’s Kickstarter reward.

In short, developers must make the decision whether or not they wish to include manuals with their Switch software. Nintendo’s first party games at launch do not include any, so it will be on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to demonstrate if manuals are no longer in the company’s future releases.

Top Image: Game & Wario digital manual

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