Super Toy Cars Review (Wii U eShop)

Super Toy Cars is an arcade style Mario Kart-esque racing game for the Wii U and PC.  The game will only run you about $10.00 USD which may or may not sway your opinion after reading this review.  While this game is similar to Mario Kart in some aspects, it is in no way of the same quality and I wouldn’t expect it to be for its price or it only being a digital release.  The basis of the game is that you are tiny matchbox cars racing around rooms of normal size so you feel very tiny.  The game has a 48 track single-player campaign but it is the same 12 tracks repeated.  It also contains an editor so that you can make your custom tracks but it isn’t as intuitive or fun to use as track editors in other games like Modnation Racers.  There are no online components in this game but there is 4 player local co-op which is one of the redeeming factors.

screenshot_07This game only contains 12 tracks which are supposed to carry the theme of a small car in a normal sized room.  One of the main problems with this game lies in the track design.  Not only are the tracks these tiny enclosed circuits where you can barely see over the walls, but some of the tracks have so many curves and tight corners that it makes it very hard to drift around with the loose controls.  There are a few courses that are actually enjoyable to race on because they have a few straightaways and wide turns that allow you to drift around them.  Most of the roads aren’t very wide, so if you are bumped on the side at all during a drift, more likely than not you will be spun out and turned around.  The boost bar must be charged up all the way before you can use it, and the only way to do that is to drift.  Using the boost uses up the entire bar, you can’t boost when you choose to like boost in some other racing games.  Using boost makes it even more difficult to control your car and unless you are drifting before a turn, you will most likely run right into the wall.  To touch on the course scenery again, you don’t feel like you’re racing around a room.  You race around an enclosed course that feels like you are racing around a race track set up on a table by a child to play with his cars, and maybe that is what this game is going for.

There are a fair amount of cars to use in this game, but unless you are playing in free mode you will need to unlock each one with currency you acquire through the campaign.  Every car can also be customized with different pieces you can buy to change its stats.  The real problem is that some of the cars are almost completely useless even with upgrades.  The first level of the campaign is very difficult compared to the rest of the game just because you start with a bad car that has no upgrades.  Another problem with this game is the items that you can use on the track to try and even the competition.  The A.I almost always dodges any of your traps. I’ve even had some of the auto-lock missiles miss my opponents.  Some of the items are just down2014-03-05_00002right unfair. There’s one item called the spring trap you lay down on the ground. It has a wider hit range than it should and flings you back on the course.  This single item can make or break your entire race, not unlike a blue shell in Mario Kart.

The campaign is not where this game is the best, but the co-op is much more fun.  Being able to race with 2-3 friends around the tracks using items to screw each-other over is almost as fun as Mario Kart.  Even though you’ll probably be even more mad when you lose.  If you need a small game to just goof around on with your friends for a little while then I would recommend this, but if you’re only playing it for the single player then don’t bother.  I give Super Toy Cars a 6/10.

Super Toy Cars Review (Wii U eShop)
  • Visually pleasing
  • Fun with friends
  • Loose controls
  • Tracks are repetitive
  • Only a few useful cars
6Overall Score
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