Super Mario Run Downloaded 78 Million Times, Only 5% Are Paying For It

Since its release in December 2016, Super Mario Run has been downloaded on iOS devices 78 million times worldwide. Out of that figure, only 5% of consumers are actually paying the game’s price ($9.99 USD). Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima says this falls below Nintendo’s expectations, where the company was hoping for double-digit conversion.

Since Mario Run’s release, the most common complaints from users include the game’s premium price and the (very) limited amount of content available with the free download (three stages of the main campaign only and a limited slice of Toad Rally and Kingdom modes). Despite this, Nintendo feels confident that they can make Mario Run an evergreen title with continuous updates, as well as increasing the ratio of paying customers who download the app for the first time.

We are taking steps to help customers who continue to play the game for free understand the diverse gameplay and new player characters they can get by purchasing the full game. We are also using feedback and play records to collect information on the places that are tripping players up, and we are working to improve in-game explanations and movement patterns to provide an easier experience for consumers who download the game in the future.

To demonstrate Nintendo’s commitment to refining Super Mario Run, a new update has gone live on iOS adding in a battery of new features, including an Easy Mode with unlimited Bubbles and no time limit, easing up the difficulty of Toad Run, and cited events where “Gold Goombas appear”.

In the same update Version 1.1.0, Nintendo also removed sharing, limiting Super Mario Run to the device it was purchased on. This falls in line with Nintendo’s anti-piracy measures on their mobile apps, including always-online DRM.

Super Mario Run will continue its worldwide expansion as it launches in South Korea on February 1st. The game launches on Android phones come March 2017.

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