Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) – Review

Mario has had an amazing track-record throughout his 3D career, and to this day it continues to show. With the fantastic titles like Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64, and Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube really revolutionizing the franchise. Nearly 5 years later after Sunshine, it was time to shine on the next platform, the Nintendo Wii, and showcase what it’s truly capable of, and that next main Mario title was Super Mario Galaxy.


The story starts off with Mario being invited by Princess Peach to the centennial star festival to celebrate the comet that flew overhead. As Mario heads over, his main antagonist, Bowser, suddenly intrudes the festival to once again retrieve Princess Peach to live out his master plan and conquer the universe. As Mario attempts to stop the evil tyrant as Bowser escapes into outer space, his tracks stopped at a dead halt with Kamek (One of bowser’s minions) launching him out into the abyss. Thanks to one of the small, bright chubby stars known as the Luma, who was with Princess Peach the entire time, Mario finds himself on flat ground when conscious. The Luma then directed him to the Mother of the Lumas who guide them around the Universe, known as Rosalina. Rosalina pledges to help Mario save Princess Peach if he finds the Grand Stars needed to power up the Comet Observatory, which is their transportation device, and thus the adventure begins. The story fits a Mario game very well, and they even went out of their way to implement the backstory of Rosalina, which you uncover as you unlock each chapter throughout the game. Judging by not only the Story summary, but also the name of the game, Super Mario Galaxy is a main Mario title that takes place in outer space, and you’ll see why.


Super Mario Galaxy brings back everything you knew and loved from Super Mario 64’s gameplay mechanics, with minor refinements, and tons of new abilities added onto it to platform your way to new and exciting areas. In addition to that, the long jump and back flip return, which was missed dearly in Super Mario Sunshine. A notably new mechanic in this game is the spin attack. To pull it off, you simply shack the Wii mote in one direction thanks to the Nintendo Wii’s motion control. It’s not only an attack, but it’s required in order to progress throughout your journey, like solving puzzles or hitting switches. There are many creative uses for it also, like screwing in a bolt for instance. It’s great how such a minor addition adds so much possibility and creativity, in fact the Spin Attack can be used in ways that may or may not be explained on the internet or even in the instruction manual, so play around with the maneuver and see if you can seek them out yourself.

If there is one thing I didn’t like much about 2D and 3D Mario games, it’s the swimming sections. Thankfully Super Mario Galaxy refines even this issue I had with previous games, making it a satisfying experience and over all improving the fun factor. I can now actually enjoy swimming sections in a Mario game, and is not something I dread to play when it’s left for completion. Control over all has never been dissatisfying in any 3D Mario title, yet this game manages to refine them a tad more compared to previous games. So thankfully, Mario is still agile and flexible, but more than he ever was before.

Two other gimmicks provided in Super Mario Galaxy are the Star Bits, and anti-gravity. These Star Bit objects can be collected throughout the entire game and can be picked up automatically when immediately aimed at by the star cursor on screen, which is controlled by the Wii motion controls like a mouse cursor. Star bits can be used to stun enemies, buy extra lives or health, and unlock new stages. Unless you are going for 100% completion, Unlocking those extra stages won’t be necessary to reach the final encounter. Anti-gravity plays a huge part in this game, hence the outer space setting. With some spherical, parallel, or square shaped planets or platforms, you can defy gravity by traveling up and down and all-around these areas. It adds more depth and innovation in this Mario entry, and testing your instincts can sometimes reward you with hidden goodies.


Graphically speaking, it’s a fantastic looking game, like gorgeous. Character models look great and move fluidly, and stages look near perfection, in fact it almost convinced me into thinking the Wii was graphically on par with the other next-gen consoles. If I were to nit-pick, I would say that little textures like the plants look rough around the edges, but this game tries hard enough to show what the Wii is truly capable of, and does an incredible job of doing so. Every stage screams innovation, with galaxies made up of toys to platforms made of cookies and delicious ice scream. Just make sure you’re not too craving for fatty foods, because the amount of fidelity will tempt you to jump into your television. That’s for sure.


The soundtrack is perfect for what the game was going for. Every music piece offered in beautiful orchestrated momentum, is implemented perfectly for the corresponding stages each track is acquired with. Sound effects are done well; and though there isn’t much voice work done for Super Mario Galaxy, the emotion and character shown by each character make up for it, and reading text boxes isn’t such a big deal.


This is in my opinion, one of the best video games ever made. It proves what a sequel could be if they continue to stay strong with its core mechanics, and not only refine them, but also add more flavor to it. This is a Mario game at its strong potential, stronger than many other Mario titles I have seen. I completed this game entirely, and right after the experience I was willing to give it another go. It’s that good of a game, and I advice every Mario fan and video gamer who hasn’t tried this game to pick it up and give it a shot. It’s worth every penny, and the perfect rating.

Rating: 10

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