Super Mario 64 Disk Drive Version Discovered in Japan

Nintendo 64 DD Super Mario 64 DD

The Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (Dynamic Drive) was an add-on to the N64 only released in Japan. It would sit under the system and accept disks specifically built for the system. This was added because the N64’s cartridges had very little memory compared to the PS1’s high capacity disks. Many games were planned for release on this platform, but were put on cartridges after its failure.  Another idea was to add expansions to certain games like new levels in Super Mario 64 and A track creator in F-Zero and it was even planned to have internet access.

Not too shabby…

At Space World 1996, Nintendo showed off a disk version of Super Mario 64 Running on the Disk Drive. This version was never released and mostly forgot about until blogger jimmy130 found one in a second hand store in Japan. He found small subtle differences in the cartridge and disk version but he could immediately tell that it was unfinished due to some game breaking bugs. The main point of this cartridge was too show of the much smaller loading times compared to the cartridge version and it is unknown if this was supposed to have any extra content before it was scrapped. Shigeru Miyamoto stated in a Nintendo Power interview that he was planning on making a Super Mario 64 Sequel that would include new levels and Luigi as a playable character. Could this have been a test of the Super Mario 64 sequel before its ill fate?

What are your thoughts and speculations? I’d love to know! You can let me know by leaving a comment below!

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