Super Mario 3D World Has Worst Opening Sales Week Of All 3D Mario Games

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Ouch. According to this graph, Super Mario 3D World has had the worst opening sales week of any 3D Mario game that has been released. Of course this is to be expected, considering the rough year the Wii U has had, but I just can’t help feeling sorry for Nintendo. Super Mario 3D World is such a good game and more people need to see it! Although… it still doesn’t come out until the 30th in other countries like Australia, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

I think if Nintendo wants to see better sales on this game, they need to focus on targeting the casual audience that can’t even tell the difference between the Wii and the Wii U. Think it’s not possible? Believe me, it’s happened many times before. Even huge retailers like Target have made the mistake and included it in the paper. If you take a close at the image below, you’ll see that there’s a Wii U gamepad right on top of a black Wii.

Ok when you’re finished facepalming, tell us how you think Nintendo can improve their standing with the Wii U sales and actually become a competitor in the console wars! Thanks for reading and make sure to stay tuned!


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  • I like this comment system too :D

  • WiiLovePeace

    You probably should’ve mentioned in the headline & detailed in the article that the chart data (what’s the source for this chart data, btw?) is Japan-only & doesn’t reflect the whole week sales of the game across the globe. Look at SM64 & SM64 DS first week sales compared to their LTD sales. Nintendo first-party games are evergreen, sales of these games are a marathon, not a sprint. I’m tired of reading people tell Nintendo what to do “to stay competitive” or whatever, I was hoping to get away from all that bull**** here but sadly that isn’t the case. No offence, but look at the facts Jelani: you’re 15 years old & Nintendo of America has legions of workers with university/college degrees in marketing etc. They know what they’re doing, even if you & everyone else on the internet doesn’t. Stop being an armchair marketing critic, especially given you & all the other critics on the internet couldn’t do a better job. Spouting ideas & actually making things happen are two very different things. Nintendo are looking towards the long-term life span of the Wii U, while people panic week to week if Wii U consoles’ sales aren’t improving. Nintendo have multiple projects in the works for future releases, the present doesn’t matter to them. They have a plan, trust in Nintendo. They know what they are doing. Sorry if I come off as angry or whatever, I’m not, just trying to get my point across.