Sunday Reading: Nintendo’s 2015 CSR Report Now Available

Every summer, Nintendo releases their CSR Report, and so they arrive at their 2015 edition. The company’s mission is the same as it ever was: “Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches”. The report details many aspects of Nintendo’s operations, how they interact with business partners, the community, and consumers alike.

More importantly, Nintendo included updated sales figures for all four of their most recent platforms, including amiibo. These sales figures are current worldwide as of March 31, 2015.

  • Nintendo DS: 154.01 million units
  • Wii: 115.2 million units
  • Nintendo 3DS: 52.06 million units
  • Wii U: 9.54 million units
  • amiibo: 10.5 million units

As of June 30th, the Wii U was reported to sit at 10.01 million units sold worldwide.

Speaking to amiibo, you can see just how Nintendo assembles and stress-tests them. It’s a rare window into the process behind making the popular figures.

Of course, this particular CSR Report comes on the heels of CEO Satoru Iwata’s untimely passing. His spirit lives on, however, as the report includes some choice words on Nintendo’s direction, reflecting of his direction of the company. The following excerpt, concerning Nintendo’s values and mission, come from an interview conducted in February 2015:

Nintendo has been delivering smiles to consumers through entertainment since its establishment. The existence or nonexistence of hit products causes inevitable fluctuations in the entertainment industry because entertainment is not a daily necessity. Consumers always are seeking new surprises, and they eventually will become tired of even a highly rated product. Precisely for this reason, we must avoid a short-term outlook and always think about how we can make not only consumers, but also everyone involved with Nintendo, smile over the mid-to-long term.
The key to achieving this goal is found in our three core values – originality, flexibility and sincerity – which we define as Nintendo DNA. Since all Nintendo employees fully share the Nintendo DNA and act based on these unwavering values, we have been able to continue taking on new challenges and providing value to society.
Nintendo has continued to offer entertainment products that can be enjoyed regardless of age or gender and, as a result, I hope that as signs of trust in the Nintendo brand, people feel safe letting their children play with our products and know that these products always make their families smile.

They may be a corporation built to make money, but Nintendo clearly promotes well-being and positivity among all beings. Give the CSR report a read and see the inner workings of the beloved games company.

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