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The Wii U has improved a lot since it first released but there is still plenty of room for more. Here are a few ideas I’m hoping Nintendo will implement in the near future.

  1. Cross Buy: For games that are actually on both the 3DS and Wii U, this should exist. Now that the two systems can be linked with the Nintendo Network ID, I wouldn’t think it would be too hard to get this rolling. At least do something similar to the Wii to Wii U upgrade discount.

    Unleash its full potential, Nintendo

    Unleash its full potential, Nintendo

  2. Virtual Console Rental Service: This is my own idea. I believe that if Nintendo implemented a subscriber service for $5 a month in which they allow someone to rent 2 VC games a month, that would actually get them money. It might not seem like it at first but think about it for a minute. Right now, the way Nintendo helps third party games get sales is by releasing only one or two a weak. However, they still cost at least $5 each. If I don’t have faith that the game will be good, then I don’t want to bother with it. However, in the slow periods, if I have already paid $5 for one month to download 2 games, then I will be more willing to try out the other games in the VC library. Then consider that I actually like one of the games, I might then buy it. So instead of one game bringing in at least $5, it brings it at least $7.50 as opposed to $0 because no one wants to try it out for the $5 upfront cost.

    3DS VC Adventure Island

    I might want to play this once, but not for $5

  3. Gamepad as a classic controller: The Wii U can play Wii games on the gamepad, but there is no functional to use the gamepad as a controller, which saddens me. Also, Nintendo has made it more difficult to launch the Wii Menu by forcing the player to use a TV in order to play games on the Gamepad… sounds a little counter productive, right? While there are some games that do require a regular Wiimote, there are quite a few that can be played with the Classic controller, why can’t the gamepad be used?

    This needs to be amended

    This needs to be amended

  4. Folders: This one is minor but it is also already in the 3DS main menu so I’m curious why it hasn’t been implemented in the Wii U yet. Having folders to organize your different downloads is great.

    As Audrey Drake put it, Folders FTW!

    As Audrey Drake put it, Folders FTW!

There you go, four suggestions for Nintendo to improve the Wii U. While I can hold off on the folders thing, I really hope the other three get implemented. If they had to pick one to star off with, I might say do the Gamepad as a fully qualified classic controller so that the Gamepad can be appreciated even more. However, with the increased quality in $1 apps, it’s certainly getting harder to justify spending $5 for a Virtual Console title.

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