Standard New Nintendo 3DS Spotted on FCC Website

Nintendo fans in North America have been enjoying the New Nintendo 3DS XL, but there’s no denying they still sting from the lack of the smaller New 3DS. That version of the updated 3DS is well-known for its compact size, colorful buttons, and face plates, but it’s launched everywhere worldwide except for North America.

Yesterday, however, those hopeful holdouts were given a glimmer of hope. Although filed for testing back in September, the smaller New 3DS was sighted on the FCC’s website. This set of documents were filed for testing purposes to make sure the handheld is safe for use in North America. This includes letters of confidentiality, testing photos, and even a full-blown North American manual.

Curiously, another version of the New 3DS was sighted as well, a black unit recolored from the standard black unit. This one has differently colored buttons, based on the logo for amiibo, and a black C-Stick matching the unit.

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This is in no way a confirmation of a North American release of the New 3DS, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Nintendo had to submit the handheld to the FCC should they have decided to release it here, and so far, they’ve opted not to. Whatever happens, it is interesting that Nintendo would bother with FCC testing for a handheld they did not release here.

Perhaps it means nothing, or perhaps it means everything. What do you think of these FCC documents? Do you think it points to a potential release in North America soon?

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