Stand Alone Versions of Kirby Triple Deluxe Mini Games to be Made

Kirby Triple Deluxe Powers

Today, it was announced that Nintendo will make stand-alone versions of the two mini games featured in Nintendo 3DS title Kirby Triple Deluxe. The two games are called Kirby Fighters Z and DeDeDe’s Drum Dash Z. They will be priced a 750 yen ($7.40/£4.30/€5.40) per game.

Check out the trailers here!

DeDeDe’s Drum Dash Z

“Dance to the beat of Dedede’s Drum Dash, a rhythm action game that challenges you to jump in time to classic Kirby music while collecting plenty of coins!”

Kirby Fighters Z

“A 2D beat’em up that gives you the chance to test which Copy Ability delivers the most damage in battle.”

In short, DeDeDe’s Drum Dash Z is a rhythm-based game where you play as King DeDeDe. You have to press buttons at certain times to be in sync with the music and collect all the coins. Kirby Fighters Z looks like a Smash Bros-style fighter, but instead of iconic Nintendo characters, you play as Kirby and all his abilities.

There is no word on whether these stand alone releases will head to the North American or European eShop but only time will tell. Kirby Fighters Z and DeDeDe’s Drum Dash Z will come to the Japanese 3DS eShop on July 23.

Do you want Kirby Fighters Z and DeDeDe’s Drum Dash Z in the North American or European eShop? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

[Source: Nintendo Amazon UK]

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