SSB4 – Bowser Jr. & The Koopalings Crash The Party

Okay, okay, this isn’t really breaking news–not for anyone whose played Super Smash Bros. for 3DS anyways–but Bowser’s demon spawn of a son has been officially confirmed as a playable fighter in today’s Smash Bros. not-Direct. Go ahead, gaze upon the unadulterated evil that is Bowser Jr.:

So yeah. Little Bow-Wow karts around in a little Koopa Clown Car of his very own, causing assorted mayhem from the comfy confines of the KCC’s cockpit. The dastardly ride has a variety of hilarious tricks like a giant fork because, y’know, gotta fork people up like a boss–er, well, mini-boss depending on how you look at that… Oh, and it has drills because drills are neat.

Any who! In even better news, Bowser Jr. won’t be clowning around all by himself as he’s joined by those kooky Koopalings too. Sure, they’re just alternate costumes or whatever, but I’m down like a clown for any and every opportunity to play as Iggy Koopa.


Look at ‘im. So unsure of himself, yet still so irritating.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U releases November 21st in the US and several weeks after everywhere else while the 3DS version is available worldwide.

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