Square Enix Considering “expansion” of Dragon Quest X to the West

Dragon Quest X Wii U

Today, Square Enix released its annual earnings report, and from the looks of it, things have been going well for the company that has made many smash hits over the years such as the Kingdom Hearts franchise and the Final Fantasy series. Things appear to be going so well, in fact, that within the financial report, Square Enix said that they are “considering” expansion of the game Dragon Quest X to the West. Take a look at the statement from Game Industry Analyst, David Gibson who told us what the company said:

For those who aren’t familiar with Dragon Quest, the gameplay is aligned with all other Dragon Quest games which include the traditional “RPG” style game play with a mix current MMOs. The player has access to an open-world environment which include random towns, enemies, quests and many secrets that lie hidden. With Dragon Quest X players are able to see the enemy on the map which they’re able to choose to fight or flee. Being that its a “MMO”, players will also be able to make a group with four other people. Like many other multiplayer games, there are quests and items to be found randomly and most players will begin their quest at “starting areas”. Each race has its own unique town in which the players are able to socialize, barter, investigate, and do as they will.

Of course, nothing is confirmed yet, but we’re sure that fans in the West will be quite satisfied if it’s announced (or even arrives) in the upcoming months. Do you hope this game will be announced by Square Enix? Sound off in the comments below!

Via: Nintendo Enthusiast

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