Splatoon’s First Commercial Underwhelms the Senses

Coinciding with a major embargo lift today, Nintendo continues to roll-out dribs and drabs of Splatoon news. The major Wii U release has been backed up today with a new console bundle, and now, its first television commercial.

Despite the presence of an enthusiastic announcer, this effort can’t help but feel uninspired. Like other recent efforts, Nintendo’s budget for commercials stretches to voice over and rapid cuts of game footage, to the exclusivity of anything else. It makes one long for the days of Nintendo’s contentious “Play it Loud” campaign, where actual marketing money could be seen on the screen.

What may reflect the minimal effort of this commercial are comments made by Satoru Iwata, where he reflected that traditional methods of advertising (television, especially) were no longer as effective as they used to be, that they don’t help sales. This could also be construed as an excuse to pinch pennies on advertising spend, which contrasts to the extravagant commercials mounted by rival gaming companies. The ability of commercials to impress and draw in eyeballs for the final product never lies.

Regardless, Splatoon‘s marketing has officially kicked into high gear. Will you too “claim your turf” as the commercial dares you?

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