Splatoon Post-Update Video Review – How Much Has the Game Changed?

Splatoon Re-Review

Hey everyone, Haedox here with my Splatoon post-update video review. The first piece of business I want to address is that yes, I feel I was a bit too negative with my Splatoon launch review. I want to make it explicitly clear that I do not hate the game, I actually find it to be pretty fun. I won’t deny that it is a pretty solid game, running at a smooth 60 FPS with glorious visuals and a fantastic art style. The whole crux of my criticism with the game was that it wasn’t worth the admission fee of 60 dollars because of a lack of content. Up until today, I would have stood by that claim as the updates Nintendo has been releasing so far have been kind of cool, but nothing mind blowing. Splatoon 2.0, on the other hand, feels like what Splatoon 1.0 should have been. Sure I am still upset that the content in Splatoon 2.0 was not ready when the game originally launched, but I’m definitely happy that the new content is here now!

Two of the best new modes that were added to Splatoon are the new private friend lobbies. The way they work is pretty simple. For the first friend lobby mode, dubbed Squad Battle, you can team up with two or three of your friends to face off against another squad in what are essentially ranked battles. Plus, if you have a large friends list like I do, you can set a password up to make the squad more private. Now, this mode right here has to be one of the best modes in Splatoon. Period. Playing on an organized team with friends that can actually communicate with one another is fantastic. Also, how well you do in these squad battles will actually affect your ranking and level, which makes this mode all the more rewarding. The only downside to this mode is that sometimes you can end up battling a squad of three when your squad is at maximum capacity which makes the battles very uneven. Although this netted me more wins and thus a higher rank, a part of me felt guilty for unfairly boosting my rank this way. Other than that, I love this mode. It feels so nice to be able to form a squad with my friends and just demolish the competition.

Splatoon Slosher

What are thoooose!

The second mode Splatoon 2.0 has to offer is probably my favorite of the bunch, private battles. Here, you can battle against your friends and only your friends and you get to decide all the rules and parameters. You can choose to do whatever game mode you want, pick any map you want, and assign people to whichever team you want if you’re the one hosting the private battle. If you’re just one of the people that has joined a private battle, well, you’re essentially at the mercy of the host, which is perfectly fine from my experience. Once again, I love being able to set up a lobby, bring some friends along and just have a good time. Although this mode does not improve your rank or level, it’s still enjoyable to be able to play with friends or in my case, some viewers. There’s nothing really wrong with either of the two modes; if anything, they make Splatoon a much more pleasant experience. These two modes seem to add a ton replayability as I don’t see playing with friends getting old anytime soon.

The final mode that was added a while back is called “Tower Control” and it’s all right I suppose. In Tower Control, you team up with three other inklings and try to take control of this tower and move it to your opponent’s spawn area. To move the tower, you or your teammate has to navigate their way up to the tower and stay there. If the person on the tower, dies or falls off, the tower will begin to move back towards the center so this encourages teammates to defend the people on the tower at all costs. While I like the variation this mode provides, I didn’t find myself coming back to it often or having the best of times in this mode. It has its merits, but I much prefer Turf Wars and Splat Zones to this. I don’t really have any good reasoning to it, but I find those modes to be a lot more entertaining and laid back.

Splatoon Gattling Gun

The last thing the updates have added are new weapons that both function and look differently. There’s not much to say about these new weapons other than that they’re cool. I mean, I’m loving the diversity in the weapon classes and as more weapons like the Splattling Gun and Splosher become available, it makes fighting opponents a lot more interesting. There is such a wide array of weapons that you always have to plan ahead for whatever weapon your opponent might have. Not to mention, I really like how unique all the new weapons are. They are all pretty distinct and don’t feel like carbon copies of other weapons at all.

And that’s all there is to the new Splatoon update, or should I say updates. New weapons that are fresh and new game modes that are enjoyable and increase replayability. But that begs the question: Do I think Splatoon is still not worth sixty bucks? DRUM ROLL PLEASE. The answer is… both yes and no. I would still not recommend Splatoon to you if you are not a fan of multiplayer games or just don’t like the concept of shooting inkling boys and girls with ink. Nothing has changed in that regard. However, for those who have been on the fence about Splatoon or who have heeded my advice about the game before and still not purchased it, I would say the time is now to drop sixty or fifty dollars on it. Splatoon is not my favorite game in the world and I still have my reservations about it, but I think the new content added on this day, especially the private friend lobbies, does justify that price tag. If you are still on the fence with this game, get a used copy or wait for a sale of about 50 dollars.  Thank you so much for watching (or reading) and take care. Have a wonderful day and goodbye!

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