Splatoon Direct Contents Leaked? Delfino Plaza Stage and More!

Splatoon Inklings

A 4Chan user has posted the leaked contents of the upcoming Splatoon Direct supposedly leaked by a Nintendo of France employee. In the list of new information includes new features and stages (one of which is a Delfino Plaza stage), but still no word on a local multiplayer option. You can check out what was leaked in the summary below.

-amiibo: even more amiibo than the dedicated Splatoon amiibo will be compatible with the game. You can get additional equipment from them. If you touch a Mario amiibo to the Wii U Gamepad, you can unlock a Mario cap.

-2D Arcade shooter mode revealed: In this mode you can play a 2D shooter game, in which it is your mission to defeat as many enimies as possible in the time limit.

-A bunch of new stages got shown: There will be set of Super Mario Sunshine based stages like Delfino Plaza, Porto d’Oro or Monte Bianco.

-Battle Dojo will be also playable online.

-Team Deathmatch mode announced.

-campaign will be playable in different difficulty levels. Campaign features 28 levels with a total playtime of around 14h.

-if you mastered the campaign on hard difficulty, you’ll unlock Extra Hard mode: One hit, instant death.

-Tournament mode announced: In this mode you can participate in monthly tournaments hosted by Nintendo or by other players.

-Special promotion announced: If purchase the game on Nintendo eshop before July 31st, you can recieve a free download code for 1 out of 5 possible games. These games are:
-Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
-Hyrule Warriors
-The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
-Pikmin 3
-Super Mario 3D World

-The development team plans to release additional Downloadable content in the future. Nintendo plans to give us more information in the future.
First DLC shown: Stage Pack 1
Contains 5 new stages based on famous Nintendo franchises. These are:
-Super Mario Bros.
-Animal Crossing
-Donkey Kong Country

-Demo Version will be available on the Wii U eshop shortly after the presentation:
(1 Stage online, 1 stage Batlle Dojo, First Campaign level)

Once all is said and done, the presentation will be said to finish off with a new trailer. Are you hyped?

Source: 4Chan

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